WSL Big Wave Awards: Results


The World Surf League Big Wave Awards took place on April 23. The winners each took home a cash prize. Let’s recap this night. The first category, Men’s Best Overall winner was Shane Dorian. After his epic year in the water there was no doubt Dorian deserved this honor. The women’s side of this award went to the Brazilian, Andrea Mollar. Next up was the Ride of the Year one of the most envied awards. This award went to a man who was nominated twice for this award, Shane Dorian. The Barrel of the Year category made history this year. Not only was this the first year a lady was nominated but it was also the first time a woman took home the trophy. Keala Kennelly was the rider of this historic wave. Paddling amongst the biggest waves maybe ever seen during this El NiƱo year is hard enough, but to paddle in on the best wave of the year in this category takes a lot of talent. The trophy for the Paddle Wave of the Year went to Aaron Gold. The category that started it all, Biggest Wave went to a seventy three footer with Yuri Soledade ridding it out. The final category, and everyone’s favorite, Wipeout of the Year had some amazing nominations that would make even the greatest surfers of all time cringe. Niccolo Porcella took home the cash for his crazy wipeout at Teahupo’o. All of the riders nominated should be leaving happy as not many get to experience giants like these.

image – Keala Kennelly Barrel of the Year

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