Why the Texans should pay Deandre Hopkins

Today was the first day of the Texans Training Camp and as expected star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins was not present. Hopkins is currently holding out of training camp in order to get a new deal. On his current contract Deandre Hopkins is set to make 1 million in base salary plus a $981,673 signing bonus, and a $445,005 roster bonus so in grand total $2,426,678 for this year. Now to most everybody else in the world that’s amazing but in the NFL that’s low keeping in mind how dynamic he is as a player. Hopkins is at worst a top 10 receiver in this league and I can probably make the case for top 5, so I can see why he wants to hold out. Fox Sports recently made a list of top 10 receivers and the top 5 went in this order: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr, Dez Bryant, and the man of the hour Deandre Hopkins. Compared to Julio Jones, Hopkins is making 153% less than a player who in my mind is equal to slightly better than Hopkins. And compared to Dez Bryant, Hopkins is making 146% less who once again is a equal player. Now usually I hate players who hold out because I think if you want to make a statement and get paid, do it on the field, and from the Texans perspective I get it. They only have 11.3 million in cap space and if the team gave Hopkins a new contract it would strap them for cash but, this is a franchise player and you really have no one else to sign long term besides him. This is one of the only teams in the NFL who don’t have major holes on any part of the team. Deandre Hopkins is key to their success and if Houston wants to do more then the Wild Card round next year they should invest in Deandre Hopkins.

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