Why Karl Joseph is a Solid Pick for the Raiders

For the first time in a long time, the Silver & Black were not near the top 5 ¬†when it came to the draft order. At #14, nobody really was sure who they’d go with, due to the fact 13 teams picked in front of them.

Some thought Ezekiel Elliot was on oakland’s radar, and he had expressed interest in this team. That would not work out, as he was drafted at #4 by Dallas. I personally do not think that’s a good selection, as Dallas needs somebody to carry the load of the offense with Tony Romo’s injury history. Ezekiel is not that guy.

Another guy from Ohio State, Cornerback Eli Apple was rumored to be on the Raider’s watchlist. That would not be so either, as he was drafted at #10 by New York.

So, at 14 Reggie Mckenzie, with what he still had on the board, made a great pick. Karl Joseph is a great safety, who, when you watch him play will remind you a lot of Mike Mitchell, a former Oakland draft pick. Joseph was having a superb year last season, but his season was cut short four games in by a severe and unfortunate knee injury.

“Watching the tape, you see the passion. He will run at and hit anything that moves”. Reggie Mckenzie spoke these words when referring to Joseph. And as strange as it sounds, he doesn’t need to make an immediate impact.

Reggie had to consider another thing too, Karl’s health. after talking to his doctors during and before the draft, they all checked out and said Joseph would be ready for this season.

The Raiders were in desperate need of depth at the secondary, with the loss of Charles Woodson. They did that, signing corners Sean Smith and reggie Nelson, and Joseph is another key piece to the puzzle. With what reggie had left, he made a great pick.

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