What Should The Mets Do?

In this article I will be stating my opinion on what the Mets should do at this year’s trade deadline.


From the moment in 2006 when Carlos Beltran looked at the curveball from Adam Wainwright and the Mets watched as the Cardinals celebrated about advancing to the World Series Mets fans everywhere still had hope. The Mets were not a one and done team, they still had a great team and they were coming off an amazing season where they fell just short of making it to, and possibly winning the World Series. However, things just fell apart for the Mets and they soon went into a rebuilding process making several key trades bringing in players who are key components to today’s Mets. The Mets started by hiring a new GM Sandy Alderson, who made several of the trades that made the Mets the team they are now. He traded Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, R.A. Dickey, and Angel Pagan. By trading all of these players, the Mets acquired Noah Syndergaard, Travis d’Arnaud, Zach Wheeler. Sandy Alderson also helped the Mets develop the idea of “pitching wins championships”. When healthy the Mets boast a rotation of Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, and Steven Matz. Alderson also helped current Mets closer Jeurys Familia make the transition from a starter to a reliever. Building through young players his given the Mets a young future filled with potential but the Mets have failed to live up to the hype this year. That being said a rebuild is in order. No not a 9 year long playoff drought filled rebuild, but a mini rebuild where the Mets trade some players who are older and have bigger contracts and try to grab some AA or AAA prospects who will be ready to be in the Majors next year. Some options include trading Neil Walker, Asdrubal Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, or even James Loney. This will never happen but I believe that Yoenis Cespedes should be traded. A trade for Yoenis Cespedes could enable the Mets to get back a massive package. If the Mets were able to pull off a deal with the Indians for Bradley Zimmer, Yandy Diaz, and Shawn Morimando all Mets fans would be very disappointed and very angry. At least until next season when Yoenis Cespedes has an opt out clause in his contract and all 3 of the players the Mets got for the Indians would be in the MLB. Bradley Zimmer is a duel threat player for power and speed and would play center field in the middle of Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto. This would mean we would also have to dump off Curtis Granderson who could probably bring back a solid relief pitcher. Diaz could fill in at third base depending on how David Wright is next year, and Morimando can be a 5th starter or a bullpen guy.

With a lineup of…

  1. Bradley Zimmer CF
  2. Neil Walker 2B
  3. Yandy Diaz 3B
  4. Lucas Duda 1B
  5. Michael Conforto LF
  6. Asd rubal Cabrera SS
  7. Brandon Nimmo RF
  8. Travis d’Arnaud
  9. Pitcher

The Mets would be in a good shape for 2017. Off of the bench Kevin Plawecki, Dilson Herrera, James Loney, David Wright (Or Diaz depending on how things play out), and maybe Gavin Cecchini. Cabrera would likely eventually become Amed Rosario and Duda would likely become Dominic Smith. Walker could be replaced by Herrera but maybe not. The bullpen would have Familia, Addison Reed, Logan Verrett, Hansel Robles, whoever was acquired for Granderson, and maybe Gabriel Ynoa and even Shawn Morimando. All members of the starting rotation would hopefully be healthy giving the Mets a starting rotation of Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Zach Wheeler, and Steven Matz. Bartolo Colon would fill in when one of the pitchers would get injured which is inevitable in today’s world of hypochondriacs.  With how the Mets are doing right now I think playing for next year would be smart and I think that this would be the smartest way do to it.


-Sam Feuerlicht

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  1. This is stupid. Mets are not in a market to rebuild again. And why bring up unexperienced guys and rely on them to win. Maybe learn about baseball first

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