What If The Refs Had Called The Dez Caught It Play A Catch?

What if the refs had called the Dez caught it play a catch?

The Dez caught it play is a play that is still argued about to this day. This happened in January 2014. It’s July 2016, and it’s still argued about. That’s how controversial this play was. Before I continue with what could’ve been let me explain the play. The score is 26-21 with the packers leading in the fourth quarter. There’s 4:42 left in the game and its fourth and two Cowboys ball on the 32 yard line. Snap back to Tony Romo he drops back and makes a beautiful throw to Dez Bryant. Dez goes up and catches the ball on the six yard line. He takes three steps switches the ball to his other hand and then dives for the endzone. He lands on the one yard line and the ball pops up a little bit but doesn’t appear to hit the ground. The refs decide to review the play and the catch it overturned for reasons I’ll never understand. But it happened so let’s talk about what could’ve been.

So we have to assume that the Cowboys would’ve have scored since they were on the one yard line. The score would’ve been 28-26 with the Cowboys leading. The Cowboys defense come out and have great momentum and shut down Green Bay and they win the game. The Cowboys move on to play the Seahawks. The Seahawks being a team that the Cowboys had already beaten earlier in the season for this reason and the fact that the Cowboys would be on fire I believe the Cowboys would’ve won that game 24-21. Both teams had very strong defenses so it wouldn’t be very high scoring.

So how would the Cowboys fare against the patriots in super bowl 49? The Cowboys would be on fire after beating the lions, then the packers, then the Seahawks and would come out strong. However the patriots are a tough team to beat. I believe the Cowboys would’ve won 42-35 in overtime. This is because the Cowboys had great defense that the patriots wouldn’t have been ready for. They also had a high powered offense but odds are they would’ve been better prepared for DeMarco Murray and shut him down. Of course they also would’ve been prepared for Dez Bryant and they would’ve had Darrelle Revis all over him. The Cowboys would’ve started off slow but picked up the pace as the game continued, the opposite of what I believe the patriots would’ve done.

In conclusion I believe the Cowboys would’ve won the super bowl if the referees had made (in my opinion) the correct call. However the Patriots and Seahawks were very talented and could’ve beaten the also very talented Cowboys. Who knows what would have actually happened. All I know is it would’ve been very interesting.

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