WBC Recap

The United States won the World Baseball Classic, defeating Puerto Rico. The win attracted the attention of Mike Trout, who said that he would play on the 2021 team. Baseball is America’s sport, and the idea of a baseball tournament in which America has never won is laughable. Hopefully in the future, Team USA will feature the elite baseball players that America is known for. The WBC this year was a classic, featuring traditional powers and up-and coming teams. The Netherlands showed potential, reaching the final four for the 2nd classic in a row. The Dutch shredded through pool play, losing only 1 meaningful game. Japan shined, enjoying home field advantage for the first two rounds of the tournament before falling to the U.S. in the semifinals. Puerto Rico dominated the first three rounds, but fell to the U.S. in the finals and took home silver. The Dominican Republic started the tournament off right, besting the Americans in a thriller in Miami. After the first few games in Korea showed poor attendance, the tournament needed a game with an electric atmosphere such as that one. It was the highest attendance that Marlins Park has ever housed. However, they were knocked out in their star-studded second round pool. Israel was the surprise of the tournament, going 3-0 for the first round and besting Cuba before falling to the Netherlands and Japan. Before this classic, there was talk that this one would be the last. The excitement of the 2017 WBC is a sign that there will be more classics in the future. In the upcoming Summer Olympics, baseball will be played.

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