Volume 2: Hot or Not by Ryan and Ben

Welcome back to the second edition of Hot or Not, the weekly LockerTalk column where we detail who’s on top of the sports world, and who’s near rock bottom.
KD’s Shoe Game- While his Daffy Duck-orange shoes got paired with long socks of the same color, it’s a style I think would be hilarious if it caught on
Villanova- With a couple of key foul calls from the men in stripes, and an outstanding performance from the charity stripe, Nova Nation beat the Jayhawks and successfully killed my bracket.
Syracuse- Going into the tournament not many people thought Syracuse was deserving of even being in the tournament. Not many people thought they were good enough to beat Dayton, and nobody thought they were good enough to beat UVA. But here they are in final four and murdering everyone across the nations brackets.
Jayson Reynolds: The sophomore had barely played all season. He came alive in the 4th quarter against UVA scoring 12 points and hitting 3 threes helping Cuse get the big upset win.
David Ortiz- The Red Sox rolled out the red carpet for the Dominican superstar’s last game… of spring training. Fort Myers started Big Papi’s retirement tour off with a bang, one that was a little over the top, but worthy of the best DH to ever play the game.
Arizona Diamondbacks-It may only be spring training but the Dbacks are looking great. Everything’s coming together for the team that won free agency with a blazing 20-6 start.
SportsCenter- Released a tweet and mini-documentary on Fidel Castro’s love for sports, but failed to mention the people who have been killed and imprisoned under his brutal dictatorship. I could be a serial killer, but if I showed my love for the Red Sox, I would be forgiven? I think not.
Soccer Flops- While turning off sports fans, goalies are getting in on the flopping action. To appeal to a growing audience of soccer fans in the US, FIFA needs to crack down on flops.
UVA- Virginia had cruised into the elite 8. It looked like they were going to cruise to the final 4 but let the 10 seed overcome a double digit deficit in the second half.
Dallas Mavericks: The Mavs looked destined for a playoff spot early on. Lately they have plummeted losing 10 of their last 12 games. They still have a very good chance of making it as they are only .5 game behind the 8 seed Rockets.
RGIII- Robert Griffin III rode the bench for the Redskins all year last season, as Washington finished with an unspectacular divisional round loss to Green Bay. Things were looking up for him however. He was going to a new team, a fresh start. He would get a clean slate in…. Cleveland. Unlike Chris Hogan in our previous article, RGIII’s championship hopes greatly decreased with one phone call.
Ryan FItzpatrick: To start the offseason FItzpatrick was demanding 21 million dollars over 3 years. Now the market has thinned out and he is the one left in the dust still without a team. He is a classic example of a player overplaying his hand in free agency to later get screwed

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