Trade Impacts on Cubs

The Chicago Cubs did not make a big splash on deadline day which was expected. The only trade for the northsiders was Angels reliever Joe Smith coming to Chicago in exchange for Cubs pitching prospect Jesus Castillo. This adds a little funk into the bullpen as Joe Maddon said because Smith throws sidearm. Having a guy like that throws hitters off guard and is a nice weapon to possess in the postseason. This trade definitely gives the bullpen even MORE depth, but it’s a minor trade with not too much impact. However, there are a handful of teams in the MLB that made bold trades today in order to make a push for the title and we’ll look into how these moves impact the Cubs directly.

The New York Mets big move on deadline day was the acquisition of Jay Bruce from the Cincinnati Reds. Jay has torn it up this season as he is sitting at a .265 average and 25 HRS with 80 RBI making him a big target in the market. The Mets need another bat (or arguably two) in their lineup to make them contenders, and they got just that. The Mets swept the Cubs in the NLCS last year in what was a dominant starting pitching series for the Mets. The Cubs did beat the Mets at home in the last series, and Daniel Murphy who killed the Cubs last year is on the Nationals so it looks like the Mets are just about the same team this year, if not worse. Overall, this move is NOT a major threat to the Cubs as they have the lowest ERA in the MLB, and the bullpen has been revamped, so another big hitter in the lineup for the Mets shouldn’t be a big issue.

The San Francisco Giants made a couple of deals on deadline day that will have minor impacts on the Cubs. They acquired Will Smith, the reliever for the Brewers who will fit nicely into their bullpen, and they made a last minute deal with the Tampa Bay Rays to bring in LHP Matt Moore to the Bay Area. The biggest impact with this deal on the Cubs is if the Giants and Cubs happen to play in the postseason. If Moore is pitching good come October, the Giants rotation could be scary with Mad Bum as the ace, Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Matt Moore. Overall, the Giants are probably second to the Cubs for the best chance to come out of the NL and play in the World Series. Watch out for the Giants.

Just hold up say Dodger fans to the Giants. The Dodgers make a big splash on deadline day by acquiring Rich Hill and Josh Reddick from the Athletics, and swingman reliever, Jesse Chavez from the Blue Jays. This does not have a direct threat or impact on the Cubs, but it happens to have a very indirect one. If the Dodgers end up winning the NL West, the Giants would most likely be playing in the WC game with possibly the Mets, Cardinals, or Marlins. If one of these teams happens to beat the Giants, the Cubs would emerge as favorites to make it to the World Series, because as of right now the Giants are probably the biggest threat. As of right now the Dodgers are only 2 games back to the Giants, so we’ll see how it pans out.

Now for the AL teams. The Indians and Rangers look like they’ve emerged as the front-runners to make it to the World Series because of their recent trades. The Indians got Andrew Miller, and the Rangers made a ton of noise by getting Jonathan Lucroy, Jeremy Jeffress, and Carlos Beltran. All of these guys are big time players, and it’ll be fun to see if the Cubs could get to play one of these teams. The Rangers look to be the biggest threat to the Cubs at this point in the AL.

All in all, the Cubs remain at the top of the totem pole even after all of the chaos of deadline day. The Giants are definitely making a push as they try to keep their “even year” streak alive, the Mets make a similar move like last year when they received power hitter, Yoenis Cespedes, and the Dodgers are right on the Giants heels after receiving much needed outfield help and a starting pitcher. The trade deadline has passed, and all teams are set. On your mark, get set………GO!
-Thomas Johnson
-Locker Talk Sports

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