The Wild Inconsistencies of Max Scherzer

In 2013, Mad Max burst onto the scene with the Detroit Tigers, as we won the AL Cy Young award. His statistics dazzled, as he sported a 21-3 record, a 2.90 ERA and 24o strikeouts. After the 2014 season, he took his electric stuff to Washington. He was yet again dominant, throwing two no-hitters his first year there, and coming close to another one. So, Nationals fans expected another ace like season from Scherzer. And that’s what they got, but in the most odd way imaginable.

The most accurate example of Scherzer’s season is his start on May 11th. He struck out twenty batters that night, tying the record for a nine inning game. But, he gave up not one, but two homers. His game score was the 119th highest for a 15 strikeout game, ranking well behind the other 20 strikeout performances in history. How can a guy with such eletrictic stuff on a given day, surrender two big flies in the same start? Well, I guess, this is the new Max Scherzer.

Through July 30th, he has a league leading 187 strikeouts, which is his typical form. But, his 22 homers given up is dead last, and is an eerie sign for the future. One would wonder various things based on this notion. Such as how his career will progress as his stuff begins to diminish. Or if his control is the issue. In my opinion, it is just the aggressive nature of his pitching style. He likes to throw strikes, get ahead in the count, and then use his breaking ball or a high-heater to strike the opposing batter out. Although this often leads to round-trippers, he keeps his pitch count down, and allows him to stay in the game longer. But, beware of October, as games become closer and each run counts, a home run might be the difference.

By Dylan Zaccaria

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