The Oakland Raiders Should Move to Sacramento

In the midst of the relocation saga surrounding the Raiders, they have a decision to make. It seems that the silver & black have been rumored to move anywhere on the planet at this point, with unconfirmed statements about Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. I believe there is one spot nobody has mentioned yet, Sacramento.

You’re probably thinking, “why there?” and you’re not alone. Yet the NFL has teams in smaller areas such as; Buffalo, Jacksonville, and San Diego, so Sacramento wouldn’t be a stretch.

The city of Oakland has expressed lots of disinterest when it comes to getting a stadium deal done with the Raiders. Sacramento would be the exact opposite. After already securing a downtown arena with their NBA franchise, the Kings, they have shown that, unlike Oakland, they are willing to discuss new stadiums with professional franchises. Adding to this point is the fact that new arena will be one of the best entertainment centers worldwide, and it is inexpensive, with not much money going on the taxpayer dollar.

Another reason the silver & black should move here is the rabid fanbase. The people of Sacramento have continued to show undeniable support for the Kings, who have often been labeled the most dysfunctional franchise in sports. With a Raiders team expected to be in playoff contention for a while, these fans would go crazy.

The last reason is that Sacramento is in the middle of lots of major California cities. It would only be a two-hour drive from the bay, where most raider fans are, and cities like Tahoe, Stockton, and Fresno are all close. They would keep almost all of the fanbase they have now.

These reasons all point to one thing, the Raiders need to move to this city. It would be a substantial upgrade for the team.

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