The Most Obscure Bets of Super Bowl LI

Seeing as the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year, gamblers can’t get enough of it. In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, people don’t only put money on winners and losers and points scored, they bet on some of the more obscure things relating to the game. Gambling website Bovada recently released a list of such bets, known as “prop bets.”

Will Luke Bryan be wearing blue jeans when he starts singing the National Anthem?

Blue Jeans -200

Any other pants or shorts +150

To me, I would say that the odds are appropriate here. If you google “Luke Bryan,” you’ll find an array of photos featuring the singer wearing jeans.

My bet: Blue Jeans

Who will the MVP winner thank first after being presented with the trophy?

Team/Teammates +200

Coach +900

Owner +900

God +200

Family +200

Donald Trump +2000

None of the Above +250

This is one of the reoccurring prop bets for every Super Bowl, but it is an interesting one nevertheless. Donald Trump was either put in there as a joke, or because of Tom Brady’s fondness for the President during the campaign season. I would definitely rule out Trump, but everything else seems like fair game.

My bet: Team/Teammates

What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?

Clear/Water: +300

Lime/Green: +300

Yellow: +300

Orange: +300

Red: +500

Blue: +750

Purple: +1000

It should be noted that the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl, both blue and orange Gatorade were dumped on Belichick. Assuming that if your lucky flavor ends up on a coach leads to a win no matter what, this becomes much more of an easy bet. Orange would be a safe bet here, seeing as it has been dumped on Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick and Gary Kubiak. However, betting on your team’s color would be a bold strategy with some logic behind it, seeing as two out of the last three Super Bowl winning coaches have had their team’s color poured on them first.

My bet: Blue

If the Patriots win, will Tom Brady, Bill Belichick or Bob Kraft appear on television shaking Roger Goodell’s hand?

Yes: -150

No: +110

This is definitely a safe bet. The Goodell-New England Rivalry will never manifest into physical confrontation. Goodell will merely avoid Gillette Stadium at all costs, and coincidentally send Ed Hochuli to every Patriots game possible.

My bet: Yes

Who will Donald Trump pick to win the game?

Patriots: -500

Falcons: +300

Donald Trump is likely a Patriots fan. Trump told the New York Times that Tom Brady is a “winner and he likes winners.” Tom Brady had expressed support for the 45th President early in the campaign season. Trump is likely to choose the Patriots as the first Super Bowl Champions to visit him in the White House.

My bet: Patriots

How many times will Arthur Blank be shown on live TV?

Over 2: -120

Under 2: -120

Not a safe bet either way, considering that the camera time that an owner gets is dependent on how well their team does. This could go either way, but I wouldn’t advise betting on it.

My bet: Under 2

Will “Houston we have a problem,” be said on live TV during the game?

Yes: +300

No: -500

The Bovada underestimates the potential of sports announcers to make cheesy jokes. If you’re going to take the underdog, this would be a good bet to do it on.

My bet: Yes

Will the word “Lacrosse” be said on live broadcast?

Yes: -300

No: +200

The announcers will likely bring up Chris Hogan’s college lacrosse career, which makes a “yes” bet a safe one.

My bet: Yes

As you take in the Super Bowl as a fan, remember that somebody has put money on almost every single variable the game has to offer.


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