The Dark History of the Montreal Wanderers

In the country of Canada, race relations. between English and Frenchmen are historically tense. However, like all Canadians, the two races enjoy hockey. In the heart of the mostly French province of Quebec, Montreal, two hockey teams were founded. One, the Wanderers would claim to represent the Englishmen, and the Montreal Canadiens would represent the Frenchmen. This team won the Stanley Cup several times before it became the trophy for the NHL. They won it in 1906, and defended it for 3 consecutive years. They were also very successful in the NHA, winning the O’Brian Cup in 1910. In 1915, they lost the championship game, which was the team’s final game as a winning team. They wallowed in the basement for two years before the NHA became the NHL. They played for all of 4 games before a mysterious fire destroyed their arena, forcing them to default their next game which was coincidentally against Montreal. Even weirder, none of the Canadiens gear was at the arena, despite a game being soon. The team disbanded because it had no home arena. Perhaps there is a conspiracy behind this, perhaps not. But the Montreal Canadiens eventually became Montreal’s team, Anglo and French. However, the history behind the eventual hockey unity is dark, as the motive of a monopoly over a city can cause crazy things to happen.

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