The Dallas Cowboys 1st Round Draft Breakdown

The Dallas Cowboys 1st Round Draft Breakdown.

This year’s draft was very odd and stressful. With the Chargers unexpectedly taking Bosa, the Eagles and the Rams trading away the farm for the 2nd pick and 1st pick, and of course the Cowboys passing on Jalen Ramsey. Myself I’m not super happy with the Cowboys using the fourth pick for a fourth running back but Jerry Jones has never done what I wanted ever.

Ok let’s break down the Cowboys draft specifically. Obviously we’ll start with the first round. I’ll give you the play by play. The Rams don’t surprise anyone and take Jared Goff a star quarterback out of California university. The Eagles don’t surprise anyone either and take Carson Wentz quarterback out of North Dakota state. But then a pretty surprising pick is made by the Chargers. They were expected to take Jalen Ramsey (cornerback), or Laremy tunsil (offensive tackle), or just maybe they’d take Joey Bosa (defensive end). Here comes Roger Goodell to announce the pick. *the whole crowd boos Roger Goodell*
“With the 3rd pick in the 2016 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select… Joey Bosa defensive end from Ohio state university.” “The Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock”

Ok before I tell you who they picked (even though you probably already know) let me tell you their needs. Dallas truly needed a cornerback with Byron Jones being moved to safety. They also need a quarterback to back up Tony Romo in the sadly likely event that he gets hurt again. The quarterback would also be learning from Romo over the next four years so when Romo retires he can start and be a good quarterback. But they didn’t need a quarterback so bad to use the fourth pick on one especially since the top two quarterbacks were off the board. They also slightly needed a running back. When I say slightly I cannot emphasize that enough. They recently signed Alfred Morris their third running back. So they had three legit running backs and didn’t immediately need a running back. Keep in mind that the Chargers passed on a star cornerback Jalen Ramsey. So Ramsey is still on the board and they need a corner the most. They also need a linebacker but the only linebacker worth the forth pick Myles Jack recently hurt his knee and so was no longer an early first round pick.
Here comes Roger Goodell to announce the pick. *the whole crowd boos Roger Goodell*
“With the fourth pick in the 2016 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select… Ezekiel Elliot running back from Ohio state university” Oh good old Jerry Jones looking to make a splash in the draft and doesn’t do what’s right for the team. Don’t get me wrong I want Elliot and I’m happy that they got him. Hopefully he’ll be a nice contribution to their offense. However they needed to take Jalen Ramsey. It killed me to hear Goodell say we picked Elliot. The worst part is that they could’ve easily picked the 2016 Heisman trophy winner running back Derrick Henry in the second round. But they took a great player who won a national championship in Dallas in 2015. The worst part is can you guess who the Fifth pick right after Dallas was. If you guess Jalen Ramsey you’re absolutely correct.
My final thoughts are that they will still be a super bowl contending team. This pick will in no way hurt our season. However a corner definitely would’ve helped. But I have no worries and I’m sure they’ll be in the playoffs with ease. Anyways I’ll talk more about what I think about next season another time. But Jerry I sure hope this pick works out.

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