Shaw, Chryst, Caff: Stanford’s Big Three

In the recent history of sports, great teams often have three superstars that contribute to the team’s success. The Patriots have it with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Bill Belichick. We thought the Cavs had it with Kyrie Irving, King James, and Kevin Love, and prior to that the Heat had it with James, Bosh, and Wade. The 73-9 Warriors had Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Clearly, three major contributors seem to almost always produce. When it comes to the Pac-12, a new big three has emerged. That trio consist of Heisman contender and star, Christian McCaffrey, highly touted recruit Keller Chryst, and one of the best coaches in college football, David Shaw.

This combo has a chance to be amazing. In fact, it has a chance to be a title contender. With only two exceedingly difficult games, most games are definitely winnable. First off, Pro Football Focus rated Christian McCaffrey as the best player in college football. This is with due reason, as McCaffrey dominates whenever he is on the field. Last year, McCaffrey ranked 2nd in yards and 3rd in punt return yards. He was a bell-cow back, as well as a great receiving back, and an extremely efficient returner. With Derrick Henry out in Tennessee playing for Titans, it is McCaffrey’s turn to show he is the best running back in the NCAA. Reports say McCaffrey is improving, and is in impeccable shape. Christian McCaffrey has a shot at being the Heisman winner, and has a chance to carry the Cardinal to the NCAA playoffs.

Additionally, Keller Chryst finally has his time to shine as a star quarterback. Recruited in the wake of hall-of-fame-potential-star Andrew Luck, Chryst has had to sit behind fellow commit Kevin Hogan. Now that Hogan is in the NFL, Chryst will most likely start ahead of Ryan Burns for Stanford. Many have stated how Chryst may be the next great Stanford quarterback. He has immense talent along with a great amount of football IQ. Keller Chryst has all of the potential in the world, and has the skills to lead Stanford to a national title. With fellow Junior, McCaffrey, and the PFF’s 2nd rated offensive line, Chryst has the support he needs, so it is not like he is in a Geno Smith 2013 situation.

Furthermore, head coach David Shaw is one of the best of his kind. While drawing interest from several NFL teams, Shaw repeatedly stated that he intends to stay in Stanford to win titles. Shaw has exhibited his ability to coach both offense and defense, proving himself to be one of the best leaders in the sport. Shaw knows how to lead a team, and with the talent his team has, they can go a long way. David Shaw is probably the best coach in his conference, and it shows.

Finally, this big three can bring big things to Stanford. The college football playoffs are not out of the question. Also, bowl games are certain. Teams like these are special, and seem to never lose. The mix of coach, running back, and quarterback is lethal, and so hard to game plan against. With a schedule that is not too difficult and the supporting cast around this trio will ensure victories in Stanford.

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