Rockets Draft Review and Grade

In the 2016 draft, the Rockets had 2 second round picks because they had no first-round pick when they traded that in part of a deal for Ty Lawson. Obviously, that didn’t work out well, as he ended the season with the Pacers. The Rockets selected two big men in the second round, Chinanu Onuaku from Louisville and Zhou Qi, from China.


Chinanu Onuaku: This big man from Louisville averaged 9.9 PPG, 8.5 RPG, and 2 BPG. He only averaged 25 minutes per game, but is a prospect that could be a threat inside in the future. He is a 6”10 center-forward that could play the 4 in an NBA game with Capela and now Qi most likely playing center. If the Rockets can develop Onuaku, he could turn into an above-average power forward.

Sidenote: He shoots under-handed free-throws

Comparison: Kenneth Faried


Zhou Qi: This 7”2 lanky big man only weighs 218 pounds! That is the average weight for a 6”0 male. The main challenge will be to bulk up his frame. For the scouting report, Qi adds a shot-blocking presence inside for the Rockets and can guard on the perimeter. Qi averaged a near double-double overseas in China, with 3 blocks per game. Of course, he won’t have the same numbers in the U.S. right away, but will have lots of developing time.

Comparison: Yao Ming


Total Grade: B-


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