Red Sox Weekly Report

Over the last couple of days, the Boston Red Sox have been on a roller coaster ride. First, the Red Sox started off their eleven game road trip by splitting a four game series with the Angels. Because the team lost two to the Angels, (who have one of the worst records in baseball), fans were angry. Then on Monday came the trade deadline. Because the Red Sox were low on prospects, they couldn’t make a big move. ┬áMany fans were hoping to land Chris Sale, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so fans were upset once again.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Red Sox called up prospect Andrew Benintendi. When the fans heard the news they were ecstatic. Benintendi has been one of the biggest things Red Sox fans were looking forward to seeing this year. Benintendi batted .312 and hit 9 home runs this year in the minors. Benintendi made his major league debut yesterday against the Mariners. Unfortunately Benintendi didn’t get a hit, but he only had two at bats. The Sox did lose the game to Seattle 5-4. ┬áDespite the loss, the Red Sox have quietly crawled back into the division race and only trail by two games.

These last couple of days have made it seem like the Red Sox could actually earn a playoff spot. With the strength of their lineup they could definitely make a deep run into the playoffs but first they need to focus on getting there. The Sox will take on the Dodgers, Yankees, and Diamondbacks in their upcoming games. Although the Red Sox didn’t make any big moves at the Trade Deadline, they have been showing signs of a turnaround that could squeeze them into the playoffs come October.

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