Ranking the Best SEC Uniforms

When an SEC fan thinks of uniforms, he thinks of some of the best and coolest designs in the nation. Just like in just about everything else, when it comes to uniforms, the SEC does it the best. From the classics to the best looking new uniform, the SEC has them all. Some of the SEC uniforms are so good, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Jerseys in particular are the ‘go to’ fan item to wear to any game. Here each SEC team is ranked based on their best uniform, whether that be home, away, or an alternate. So here you have it: the best uniforms in the SEC.

14. Alabama home uniforms

Photo by- Chris Graythen/Getty Images
Photo by: Chris Graythen-Getty Images

The Alabama uniforms sqeak in at number 14. Alabama might have had one of the best football teams, but their uniforms are very bland. Other than being one of the first teams to wear numbers on their helmets and continuing that tradition today, Alabama has less than spectacular uniforms. The home uniform is better than their away though because it incorporates their crimson color into the jersey instead of just white with crimson numbers. There you have it at number 14: Alabama’s home uniforms.

13. Auburn away uniforms

Photo by: Getty Images
Photo by: Getty Images

Coming in at number 13 are the Auburn away uniforms. Auburn leaves a little something to be desired in the way of uniforms, although their unis are a classic look. They have worn the same two home and away jerseys for what seems like ages. But the Tigers away uniforms aren’t too shabby, coming in at number 13 in the SEC is still better than a lot of other teams.

12. Arkansas away uniforms

Photo by: Rob Foldy/USA Today Sports
Photo by: Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

At number 12 stands Arkansas with their white away uniforms. They also sometimes wear a maroon helmet with the white jerseys, or maroon pants. But the all-white look is definitely the Razorbacks best. Even at number 12 the best uniforms of the SEC are yet to come.

11. Georgia home uniforms

Photo by: Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports
Photo by: Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

Georgia’s red home uniforms are one of the classic traditional looks in the SEC. With the red helmets and red jerseys paired with grey pants, Georgia has a clean look. The Bulldogs have also worn a few alternate jerseys over the years. Fans have seen a black uniform and an interesting alternate that featured a partly grey helmet. But their home classic red uniform is the Bulldogs’ best look.

10. South Carolina all-black alternate uniforms

At number 10 are the South Carolina all-black alternate uniforms. South Carolina’s all-black uniforms barely edged their maroon helmet alternates that they debuted against Clemson last season for best uniform. With their signature white helmets paired with the all-black jersey and pants this is the Gamecocks fiercest uniform combination.

9. Mississippi State away uniforms

Photo by: USA Today Sports
Photo by: USA Today Sports

The Mississippi State all-white uniforms are a very nice “icy” look. State debuted these uniforms against Missouri last season. Usually they wear a maroon helmet for home and away games. This uniform features a chrome- like Mississippi State logo on the helmet and bright white jersey and pants. The road all-white uniforms are very cool, and State needs to use them more.

8.Missouri all-black with alternate helmet uniforms

Photo by: Jason Vinlove/USA Today
Photo by: Jason Vinlove-USA Today

Missouri usually wears these alternate uniforms at home. The silver and black helmet is the highlight of this combination. The detail that Nike put into these uniforms is also a nice touch. For example, the darker black on the shoulder pads paired with the lighter anthracite color on the majority of the rest of the jersey is a nice touch.  The tiger stripes on the gold numbers and stripes on the pants give the uniform a fierce look that other SEC teams don’t have. All around the all-black uniform is Missouri’s best.

7. Kentucky home alternate with chrome helmet uniforms

Photo by: Mark Zerof/USA Today Sports
Photo by: Mark Zerof-USA Today Sports

Kentucky has tried many different combinations of uniforms over the past two years. But their best would be the home alternate black uniforms with the sleek “chrome dome” helmets. The black jerseys and black pants look awesome with the chrome helmet, but they could lose the checkerboards on the shoulder pads. Only Tennessee can make the checherboards look great. All together the Kentucky alternate uniforms are great coming in at number 7.

6. Texas A&M “Aggie Nights” uniforms

Photo by: Roy Taormina/USA Today Sports
Photo by: Roy Taormina-USA Today Sports

The number 6 best uniform in the SEC is Texas A&M’s “Aggie nights” uniform. This uniform takes uniforms to the next level. With an all-black helmet and lightly colored logo on the helmet, the helmet itself is as good as the rest of the uniform. The all-black jersey and pants feature glow in the dark numbers with another Texas A&M logo on the hip. The only problem with the glow in the dark numbers was that last season the game these were scheduled to be worn, the game time was eventually scheduled  for during the day. Texas A&M raises the bar in the uniform game with this design.

5. Vanderbilt’s “deep water” home alternate uniform

Photo by: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Photo by: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Suprisigly Vanderbilt has the 5th best uniform with their home alternate uniform titled the “deep water” alternate. Dispite having a name that discribes the actual state of the football program “deep water,” these uniforms aren’t too bad. With the chrome like chain and anchor on the helmet and a water like design, the helmets definitely stand out. Also a nice touch are the words “anchor down” written down the pants, as Vanderbilt has a tradition of anchoring down to the bottom of the standings. The Vandy home alternates are pretty good at number 5.

4. Florida home uniforms with white helmets

Photo by: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA Today Sports
Photo by: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA Today Sports

Florida’s home jerseys with the alternate white helmets are ranked at number 4. The Gators wore these alternate white helmets against Vanderbilt with orange jerseys, but the combination with the blue jerseys looks the best. On one side of the helmet is the traditional written Gators logo, on the other side the Florida F logo. After a 27 to 2 loss against Florida State in these uniforms, Florida might be less inclined to sport this look very often, but they should, as this is Florida’s top uniform combination.

3. LSU alternate uniform

Photo by: Derick E. Hingle- USA Today Sports
Photo by: Derick E. Hingle- USA Today Sports

LSU has some really nice jerseys, but their purple jersey with white helmet is the best at number 3 in the SEC. LSU wore these uniforms against South Carolina at home last year. Usually the Tigers wear their white  jersey with yellow helmet at home, but wore this combination against SC because the game had to be moved from South Carolina to Baton Rouge because of inclement weather. This uniform features the traditional LSU and tiger logo on the white helmet, with a purple jersey and traditional yellow and white stripes on the shoulders. LSU should obviosly look into wearing this combination more often.

2. Ole Miss throwback uniforms

Photo by: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Photo by: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The 2nd best uniform in the SEC is the Ole Miss throwback uniforms. A very nice powder blue helmet and bright red jersey along with the light grey pants make up an unbeatable design. Ole Miss wore these uniforms last year against Oklahoma State in the Sugar Bowl. The Rebels have also worn a white jersey with the powder blue helmet, like against Alabama last season. But the red jersey design is the top uniform  for Ole Miss.

1. Tennessee’s Smokey Gray uniform

Photo by: Adam Lau-Knoxville News Sentinel
Photo by: Adam Lau-Knoxville News Sentinel

The number 1 best uniform in the SEC is Tennessee’s smokey gray uniform. These uniforms are very nice, they were also named the best uniform in college football by Uniswag.com. The Vols introduced these particular uniforms last summer when they switched sponsors from Adidas to Nike. And Nike didn’t fail, as they incororated the traditional orange color and power T into the uniform as well as the Tennessee checkerboard. The helmet is the first helmet Tennessee has worn that has been gray instead of white. The detail of this uniform is perfect. The helmet features a checkerboard on the back of the helmet stripe, and a light outline of the smokey mountains in the background on the helmet. The jersey has some very nice touches with the darker grey on the shoulder pads and a lighter grey on the rest of the jersey. The pants feature an orange stripe and checkerboard, a tradition that Nike incorporated well into this uniform. Tennessee not only looks good in this jersey, but will also play well come this fall.


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