Rangers acquire Bryan Holladay from Tigers

The Texas Rangers have acquired C Bryan Holaday, in exchange for C Bobby Wilson and RHP Myles Jaye, the club announced early Tuesday evening.

Holaday, a 28-year old catcher and a DFW native, spent the last four seasons in Detroit serving as a backup. He hit .281/ .292/.453 with 2 homers in a limited 2015, but has had a pretty good spring. The Rangers, who announced they were looking for catching depth Sunday, could use Holaday for multiple purposes in 2016. With Bobby Wilson now gone in the trade, that could leave a window for Holaday to compete with Robinson Chirinos for the starting job, or give an added boost to the Rangers bench.

On the other side of the trade, the Rangers are losing a backup type catcher in Bobby Wilson, and a RHP in Myles Jaye. Bobby Wilson produced better than expected in 2015 and he was going into 2016 as a 3rd catcher. By making this move, exchanging backup for backup at the same position, the Rangers most-likely hope they have upgraded the depth on their bench. The second piece, Myles Jaye was acquired via trade from the White Sox earlier in the offseason. He has been an up-and-down prospect over his career of 5 years in the minors. Even though Jaye has potential, he is only a raw prospect that isn’t very important to Texas at the time.

This trade can be looked at from many angles while analyzing it. On one hand, the Rangers are losing a decent backup in Bobby Wilson, and a part-way promising pitching prospect in Myles Jaye. But on the other hand, the Rangers are taking a shot with a promising catcher, bringing him home, and getting an upgraded bench. In my opinion, this is a solid trade for the Rangers. It’s obviously small trade, But I think it will work out big-time in 2016.

-Written By Ethan Adams

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