Packers-Cowboys Comes Down To Last Minutes in Thrilling Game

The Dallas Cowboys fell to the Green Bay Packers last weekend, putting an end to what many thought could have been a Super Bowl run featuring the league’s two most prominent rookies.

Despite scoring a field goal in their first drive, the Dallas defense struggled early. The next two drives, the Packers quickly got to the end zone. Although big plays by the Packers was the biggest factor, Dallas penalties factored in. The Packers led 14-3 after a 36 yard TD to Richard Rodgers, and a Ty Montgomery rushing TD. The Cowboys continued to struggle, offensively and defensively, through most of the first half.
The next drive, the Packers marched down the field, capping off the drive with Ty Montgomery running in for another touchdown to make the score 21-3 Packers.

However, the Cowboys started to make a comeback in the final minutes of the half. They went deep to Dez Bryant for a TD after three straight Packers touchdown drives. The Cowboys made it 21-13 in another strong drive just before halftime.

The Packers started with the ball in the 3rd quarter, and quickly struck back with a touchdown. The Cowboys tried to strike back in the next drive, but Prescott was intercepted by Micah Hyde. That turnover followed another turnover. Just when Green Bay was ready to score, Jeff Heath got Dallas the ball with an interception. That would lead to a drive in which the Cowboys would go on to score a touchdown. They started the 4th quarter trailing by 15, and it looked like it was over. But then they scored, making it anybody’s game.

They scored again on their next drive, and got the two point conversion. They were dominating the same way the Packers had. It was 28 all.  With less than two minutes to go, the Packers scored a field goal. It was 31-28 and it looked to be over. Using just 1 minute of clock on their next drive, the Cowboys tied it back up with a field goal of their own. This gave the Packers a chance to drive down the field and win the game.

First, on 3rd & 7, they went deep to Jared Cook. Just before going out of bounds, he made a circus catch. With the catch putting them in field goal range, they went for a game-winning kick. It was good, but the Cowboys had called timeout before the snap. Crosby tried again, and it looked no good. However, the ball took a turn and made it through the uprights, giving the Packers a 34-31 win.

The Packers move on to face the Falcons. Both teams looked really good last week, and this should be a high scoring game.

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