Opinion: Ivy League Ban on Football is Purely Ridiculous

Awaiting the Clemson v Louisville game, I have found myself watching the Harvard-Georgetown contest. While watching, I noticed that Harvard was ranked 19 in the FCS, something that is not unusual for the Ivy League powerhouse. However, the Ivy League has made it difficult for an Ivy League powerhouse to be a powerhouse in anything but the Ivy League. Despite allowing teams to participate in postseasons for every other sport, the Ivy League stubbornly refuses to allow their schools to participate in the FCS Playoffs. Perhaps they are still stuck in the early 1900s, when the Ivys were athletic powerhouses and the Polo Grounds was a new stadium. The excuse… er, reasoning that the Ivy League gave was that a football season stretching into December would interfere with the studies of student athletes. Never mind the fact that Harvard occasionally makes appearances in March Madness, a spring tournament for a winter sport. Let’s face it: academics are the single greatest recruiting factor for Harvard. Most players being recruited into the FCS will not make it into the NFL, but Harvard’s academics give it a leg up in recruiting talent. However, athletes want to go to the playoffs and have a shot at winning the championship. This is a potential turnoff to athletes that want an Ivy League education but want to showcase their talent in the playoffs. The Ivy League shouldn’t be its own football conference if it is to discriminate against the sport as if it is an enemy of academics.

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