Opinion: 8 Teams Should Make CFP

The switch to a four-team playoff from the BCS Bowl system was a much-needed one. Gone, we were told, were the days where a computer program chewed up and spit out rankings which unfairly put the wrong two teams in exclusive contention for the highest bowl in college football. However, I would like the Committee to improve on their system after this year. Too often, one or two losses can derail the chances of a team making the Playoff, even though the team may be better suited to contend for the championship. Take for example a scenario where a team with an above average strength of schedule loses its first two games. Then, the team wins every game it has left. this can easily knock a team out of the playoffs. Also, the fan base would definitely side with it. The 8 team playoff gives a better chance for a team to make the playoffs, which can maintain more excitement in the regular season. Also, more playoff football expands opportunities for advertising, since the CFP is smack dab in the middle of holiday season. The expansion would also help the chances of PAC-12 or Big 12 teams who may have a weaker strength of schedule but are capable of vying for the championship. To expand to a level so that a Western Michigan, a non Power-5 team with a weak strength of schedule would be to make a Thursday Night Football mistake by spreading the brand too thin. If a Sun Belt or MAC team managed to go undefeated or one-loss against a stacked non-conference schedule and sweep their conference games by considerable margins, then they could conceivably make it into an 8 game playoff. However, the Playoff is generally limited to the SEC, ACC, and B10. Of course, the PAC-12 has had a strong year and Washington can likely secure a spot by beating Colorado, another PAC-12 standout. With all the signs pointing to expanding the playoff, hopefully the CFP brass can do that.

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