Oakland A’s 2016 Draft Preview and Predictions

With the 2016 MLB draft about one week away, the A’s have a great shot to build their minor league system with 3 picks in the first 50. With that being said, the MLB draft is not the NFL or NBA. You probably won’t be seeing the number 1 pick in the bigs in 2017, but there could be some diamonds in the rough. A’s front office has been, in my opinion, terrible at drafting, but could have a great year if the right picks are made; that could be said about any team. Below are my predictions for rounds 1-10, along with scouting report and grades.

– Round 1, Pick 6:

The A’s have the sixth pick in the MLB draft and have an opportunity to draft a future star. Like any sport, the first round picks are usually reserved for the players that could be franchise players. With the sixth pick, the A’s has the cream-of-the-crop.

My pick: Nick Senzel, 3B, Tennessee Vols

I may be biased as a huge Vols fan, but I can see Nick Senzel going to the A’s in the fourth pick due to his potential as a high AVG and OBP hitter with a plus glove. In 2016, he has a line of .352/.456/.595 with 8 HR and 59 RBI. He is only an average power hitter, but can drive in runs, which is critical for corner infielders. In regards to his glove, he made on of the best plays of the year leaping head-long into the visitors dugout making a great catch. The only problem with Nick is his position. I also think he has a great personality and mature and professional approach on and off the field. He has some of the intangibles some top picks don’t have.

The A’s have a very strong infield prospects, who are on the verge of reaching the major league level. At third base, A’s top prospect Matt Chapman is on the verge of making the MLB level. However, I feel Nick is a great athlete, who can potentially play all over the diamond with experience. And with the A’s having so many picks at their disposal early in the draft, why not get the best bat in the draft, and figure it all out later.


Contact: A

Power: B-

Speed: B

Glove: C

Arm: B-

Final Verdict:

With his great bat and decent speed and glove, Nick should excel in the minors, reaching the majors very quickly.

– Lottery Round A, Pick 37

With the lottery round beginning in at the end of round one, the A’s got lucky with the 3rd pick in the round, and 37th overall. The A’s may use this pick to help with pitchers and add depth to that position.

My Pick: Cody Sedlock, RHP, Illinois

Cody Sedlock has been projected all over the boards as multiple mock drafts have been released this year. He may go as high as the mid-teens, but I project him in the mid 30’s. As 2016 Big Ten Pitcher of the Year, he has a huge upside and potential but has an inconsistent off-speed pitch. He is listed at 6-4 210 lbs. In 2016, Sedlock had a 5-2 record with 2.82 ERA with 116 strikeouts and 31 walks. He has a “heavy” sinker and can consistently hit the strike zone.


Velocity: B

Control: A-

Offspeed: C

Final Verdict:

Cody Sedlock has the potentially to go in the first round, depending on what teams value, but he would be a safe bet for the A’s. He has a large frame that can get down the hill, and throw his heavy sinkers to get ground balls. He can come out of the bullpen or start, but needs to work on his offspeed pitches.

– Round 2, Pick 47


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