MLB Unveils New Rule for Extra Innings

The MLB unveiled a rule stating that when a game goes into extra innings, there will be a runner automatically placed on 2nd base. The rule will be tested in the rookie leagues this season as part of an effort to reduce the total time of a game. The MLB has identified that the major problem that people, especially young people, have with baseball is that the games are too long. In order to appeal to younger generations with shorter attention spans, the league is doing everything it can to bring down the time of a game. In order to prevent games with extra innings extending the game by large amounts of time, the MLB is making sure that scoring will happen within one or two extra innings. For many, the rule is ridiculous. The suspense of an extra inning game dragging on is a unique experience in sports. Also, what happens to the stats of pitchers and hitters? Will hitters get inflated RBI? Will the runner count as an earned run for pitchers? There are many questions to be asked, but there is no doubt that the rule will be the subject of fierce criticism and high praise should it be considered for use in the major league.

Image courtesy of The Smithsonian Magazine

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