Make Offensive Linemen Heisman Winners Again

Only two linemen have ever won the Heisman Trophy, the greatest individual honor in all of college sports. However just as Pac-12 fans might bring up East Coast Bias, I think that a bias is in place here. An unconscious discrimination now known as Ball-Watcher’s Bias. We will instinctively always watch the ball when it is in motion. However, watching the offensive line will give you much better knowledge of how the play is going. O-line drops back, and is easily handling the pass rush? Good chance of a substantial gain through the air. Now, instead of rewarding the receiver who made the cuts necessary to get open, how about rewarding the lineman who made sure the defensive end would give the receiver time to get open? Or instead of celebrating the breakaway speed of the running back who found a hole and cut up field, why are the blockers that gave the shifty back an opportunity to score overlooked? Perhaps it is too difficult to be regularly dominant in the trenches, much like Heisman winners are in their positions. I certainly hope the big guys doing the grunt work get some sort of recognition somehow, sometime soon.

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