Lions sign WR Andre Roberts and Remain in the Hunt for Veteran Anquan Boldin

Over the last few days, the Lions receiving core, or what’s left of it, has suffered through a few tough days. After losing Corey Fuller to foot surgery and waiving Corey Washington due to an undisclosed injury, Detroit enhanced their focus on suitable receivers for the upcoming season. They started with 3-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Anquan Boldin. The veteran receiver struggled last year but could have much more success under a coach he has experience with in Jim Caldwell. In 2012, Caldwell, who had just been promoted to offensive coordinator of the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, powered Boldin to an impressive year. Right now, there are no risks in gambling for the 35 year old, and since he may indeed have the right pieces around him, Boldin can climb right back to the 800-900 mark in yards this season and continue his streak of at least four TDs per season. After all, a main contributor to Boldin’s lack of success in San Francisco last season was the uncertainty at the QB position. Now, he has an opportunity to pair up and have a better shot at success with a thrower of very similar primal stats to former teammate Joe Flacco. Still, despite the fit being in balance, the possibility of the Lions actually making a deal with Boldin is quite uncertain and the chance of him actually being a 2-3 year success story in the Motor City is an even bigger question. For now, Detroit has landed a former third round draft choice, WR Andre Roberts. In 2014, Roberts signed a four year deal with the Washington Redskins, but a recent drop in production sent him packing after just two seasons with the team. The slot receiver has caught an average of just over 50% of passes targeted towards him, which is not terrible for a merely discarded receiver. Roberts’ main impact in Detroit will likely come on special teams, where last year he ran one of his seven returns for a 99 yard TD and averaged 33 yards per return. Though he has had glimmers of hope in a career that has seemed slightly slipshod over the last couple of years, Roberts’ overall production has been and will be a question early in his run-in with the Lions.

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