Alabama vs Valparaiso Game Preview

Written by Bentley Estell. We have had some technical difficulties.

November 21, 2016. That is the date of the MGM Grand Event hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2-1 Alabama Crimson Tide will face off against the 3-1 Valparaiso Crusaders. The two teams are virtually polar opposites when it comes to past seasons. Valparaiso for the most part has a winning history in basketball, the Crimson Tide not so much. I will be going over each team and what I believe is their route for success.
As the Alabama Crimson Tide look to change their past fortune the Crusaders look to continue as they hope to dominate. Alabama is led by a sophomore point guard by the name Dazon Ingram. Ingram missed around half of his freshman season after suffering a season ending injury. Through the first three games the Tide has looked decent on the offensive side of the ball, which is not what Coach Avery Johnson likes to see. Although there is one part of their game Coach Avery Johnson can’t help but smile about and that’s their recent defense. Their defense has been outstanding through the first three games of the season. So the Crimson Tide’s fans hope they can continue to play like this on defense.
Now for the Crusaders, they are a experienced team with some nice veteran presence upon them. Like I mentioned earlier the Crusaders have a history of winning, unlike Alabama. The Crusaders are led by senior forward Alec Peters. Peters is averaging nearly a double double. Unlike Alabama the Crusaders seem to generate much offense and have little to no defense, look for the Crusaders to give up a good amount of points to the Crimson Tide.
For Alabama to win this game I think two main things need to happen. First off I believe the veteran presence for the Crimson Tide need to kick in and lead this team. Second off I believe they have to keep going with the amazing defense, if they do these two things I think the Crimson Tide should come out on top. For the Crusaders I believe they need to continue their dominant performance on offense and pick up the slack on defense which they have yet to do all season.
After closely examining each team, their players, and their coaching staff I feel comfortable making a prediction. Based off all of this I think the Alabama Crimson Tide leave Las Vegas with a smile on their faces. I say this because I think Coach Avery Johnson will have his team prepared as much as needed and beyond to come out with a win.
Who do you think will win?

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