Game Preview: Minnesota vs Washington State

In a game in which both teams are trying to bounce back from losses to top 10 teams, Minnesota will face off with Washington St. The biggest story of the game by far is Minnesota’s recently averted boycott¬†over due process on campus. 10 players will not be playing due to accusations of rape, a suspension which triggered a boycott of all football activities by the Gophers team. According to the agreement made between players and administrators, the team will play without the 10 suspended players, but the players will receive a fair hearing concerning their suspension. With that out of the way, football is back in the spotlight as it should be.

What to watch for:

Both teams will look to continue to dominate in the category of turnover margin. The Gophers boast a margin of +8, a mark putting them 15th in the nation. Washington St also has a respectable mark of +6.


The Gophers are handicapped and fresh off the drama of their boycott. Their coach has had a petition demanding his firing sent to university higher-ups and donors. If they can overcome this, I would be surprised.

Washington State: 31

Minnesota: 21



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