Darren McFadden Breaks His Elbow While Trying To Save Phone

Well this is a frustrating one. Darren McFadden was enjoying his Memorial Day weekend when he dropped his phone. Everyone’s natural instinct is to try and save it and that’s exactly what he did. In the process of all this McFadden fell on his elbow and broke it. That’s right McFadden broke his elbow trying to save his phone.

So is this going to cause a problem for the Cowboys? Well he is only expected to miss the season opener against the Giants, and while he was the leading rushing for the Cowboys last year with 1,089 rushing yards he wasn’t even supposed to be the starting running back. Lance Dunbar was until he was injured and McFadden took over in game six. The Cowboys also drafted Ezekiel Elliot and Darius Jackson both are running backs. They also picked up Alfred Morris the former redskins running back, and they still have Lance Dunbar. So him missing one game shouldn’t be a problem.

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