Cavaliers Take Home Championship, Quench Cleveland’s Title Thirst

The title that has sent you to this article describes Cleveland’s long run without titles as a “thirst.” It was more like a crippling dehydration. Last year, the Cavs were looking to win their first title right after they got their star, ┬áLeBron James back. However, the Warriors silenced the King and sent Cleveland’s fans home to a painful offseason wrought with Browns football. This year was different. With a change in the coaching carousel, Tyronn Lue took charge of the team and led it in the right direction. When the teams met in the finals for the second year in a row, the dynamics were drastically changed. Golden State, not Cleveland, was the media darling. And for the first 4 games, the Warriors played like a team worthy of the attention they were getting, taking a 3-1 lead in the series. However, the Cavs took charge of the situation. Despite Ayesha Curry’s complaints, Cleveland took the next 2 games. In game 7, the Warriors played a close game with home court advantage. However, with some key last-minute buckets, the Cavaliers were able to bring one home for Cleveland. They were able to silence Steph Curry throughout the game, which is what ultimately led to them pulling ahead. For now, Cleveland is in full celebration mode about their Cavs. Don’t tell them that the Browns’ football season is coming up.

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