Can Melvin Gordon Have a Bounce Back Season?

This might be on every Chargers fan mind right now. Can Gordon bounce back next season? San Diego Chargers rookie RB Melvin Gordon was the 15th pick overall in the 2015 NFL Draft. People thought he would push the Chargers to the playoffs. Instead he did the opposite of that. Last year he had a total of 641 YDS and NO TDS. In college he did spectacular rushing 2336 YDS, and 26 TDS. But was it really his fault? Partially it was but it was also TE Antonio Gates after he was suspended 4 games with PEDS, and WR Keenan Allen who got hurt halfway through the season. After the first few games Gordon lost his starting job to veteran RB Danny Woodhead, who did better than Gordon.

Back to the original question, can Gordon have a bounce back season? Probably, but he will have to work hard at it during the offseason. Here is my prediction on how Gordon will do next season. For rushing he will have about 1,000 YDS, and about 10-15 TDS, for receiving about 300 YDS and about 2-5 TDS. And here’s another question to ask yourself will he be the best RB in the NFL? Soon. Todd Gurley on the Los Angles Rams (or St. Louis, which ever one you want to say) won Offensive Rookie of the Year. I believe Gordon will win the Offensive Player of the Year pretty soon. How can Gordon do to improve for the season? First off work hard and eat healthy. Like I said before Gordon had no TDS last season. he had two really close ones. One in pre-season where he was right at the goal line, and the other where he made that spectacular move to get the TD but it was overturned where his knee hit the ground.

To wrap things up yes, I believe he can have a bounce back season. But it will take time. He’ll have to learn from other RB to improve like Danny Woodhead, and Brandon Oliver.

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